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Rosemary is a photographer whose journey began as a child with a manual film camera and a dark room. The learning curve continues with a digital camera (or two) and computers. Her passion is to create images of beauty from the world around us. Wild places, cold places and huge skies attract her.


She has had two successful joint exhibitions, and several solo exhibitions, around Victoria. Click on Exhibitions under the ABOUT tab for a glimpse or click here:


Watch this space for more exhibitions in the future.

Several large (1.2 metres wide) pieces have been commissioned and were framed and covered with acrylic to make them lighter and easier to handle. Click here to see:


Rosemary has experienced success in club, magazine, local and international photography competitions. She was delighted to achieve 4th and 5th place in the International Loupe Awards in the Amateur Landscape section (2013). Follow this link, and scroll down through the successful photographers, to read the story behind Rosemary's  award winning image. in the Loupe Awards. 

Rosemary's images are avalable for purchase and they are a wonderful way to bring beauty into your home, school or office space. Her greatest professional joy is to create an image that another person enjoys enough to hang it on their walls.